Looking for a unique wedding guest book alternative idea? Not into wedding jenga or jigsaw puzzles?

Alternative Guest Book - Photo Peg Board with Laser Engraved Picture and Birch Wood Chips

Looking for a gorgeous guest book alternative? Skip the wedding Jenga and the Wedding Puzzle guest books. This stunning guest book uses your engagement photo (with a photo release from your wedding photographer) to create a pegboard “puzzle” made from 2″ x 3″ chips, similar a formica chip display, but so much more awesome. We can accommodate any guest list size. This 48″ long x 30″ tall piece has 240 guest chips.

We’re still working out pricing, but we’re so excited by the way our demo wedding guest peg board turned out that we just had to share it.

This wedding guest book “puzzle” features 240 laser engraved wood photos that hang on a custom made pegboard to form the couple’s engagement photo. The chips, inspired by formica samples, are cut from 1/8″ baltic birch, and painstakingly laser engraved onto each piece.

To make it simple to arrange, the chips are numbered on the back, and we provide a handy display sign with instructions and a “map” to arrange the pieces.

Guests sign the back of the numbered pieces (opposite the photo), then hang them up in the corresponding spot to slowly form the image of the happy couple. The sign can either include a photo (so guests can see what they are building), or not (so they check back frequently to see how it develops.

We did this one for a Wichita area couple, and the feedback we received that it was a complete hit and guests couldn’t stop talking about it. More importantly, the bride and groom loved it and will have a keepsake they can cherish for the rest of their lives, literally backed by the love and well wishes of all their friends and family.

If you’re interested in this before you see it officially listed, let me know how many guests you have and we can work out a price. Because of the time and expense involved in creating a custom peg board, editing your photo, numbering the chips, and tying up  my laser for nearly a day, prices will be in the $2-$3/chip ballpark.