Payment Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: August 19, 2016 4:15 PM CST

Forms of payment accepted

PaypalKeeping your financial information secure is absolutely essential when buying online, and you can trust PayPal to keep your data secure while offering a robust buyer protection policy. PayPal allows you to pay with your existing PayPal balance, draft from your banking institution, or charge a linked credit card. Learn more about PayPal.
Credit CardsWe rely on PayPal’s secure, encrypted payment portal to safely process all credit card transactions. By using PayPal’s payment gateway, you never provide your card data directly to us, keeping your financial information secure and confidential. Learn more about PayPal.
CashLazerworx Design Studio exhibits at regional craft shows, wedding expos, fairs, and more. At these events, we gladly accept cash. We also accept listed credit cards through our secure PayPal payment processing gateway.

Fee disclosure

Design & Custom Order Fees

Design fees for products listed on our site

  • Tweaks to existing designs, such as changing the default text or moving around existing elements, are FREE for all orders.
  • $15 fee for custom art not based on an existing design. Fee is waived for orders of $50 or more.
File conversion fees for files you provide

  • Photos/Scans: We charge a $10-per-upload fee to convert photos or scans to laserable images.
  • This fee is waived or reduced on some specific products. See individual item listings for specifics.
  • Vector files: FREE file integration for vector files submitted in .ai or .pdf format. (Note, not all pdf documents are vectors. Ask us if you’re unsure.)
Custom orders

  • We love to create items just for you! We base our fees on a T&M basis, and we will provide a firm quote prior to beginning work, with a 100% materials deposit and a 50% design deposit due up front.
  • T&M billing will include
    • Design fee, billed at $75/hr in 15 minute increments
    • Laser engraving fee, billed at $1.50 per minute of laser time
    • Materials fee, billed at a markup of 5-15%, including any in-freight costs. Dependent on transaction size, and to be disclosed in firm quote.
No hidden fees

    All required design fees are either built into product price or added as options to add prior to including your item in your shopping cart. If your order is less than $50 and you’re requesting custom art, please remember to select the art fee option.

Domestic Shipping

  • Our shipping rates vary per product and are priced fairly based upon market carrier rates, shipping supplies, and minimal handling fees. You will have the option to calculate shipping based on your zip code prior to checking out.

International Orders

Important! You may be responsible for additional fees imposed on imports by your country.

  • The shipping fee you pay at checkout is for carrier fees to get your item to your country.
  • Your country may also impose VAT, duty, excise tax, customs or courier fees, or other fees and taxes. These non-postage-related fees are your responsibility.
  • It is your responsibility to know your country’s specific fees prior to ordering. We don not accept returns due to your refusal to pay your import fees. They can be as high as 20% or more of your purchase price depending on the product ordered and your country’s regulations.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule Codes

For an estimation of your import fees, we recommend the handy tool at, a third-party customs and duties estimating site. We cannot guarantee the fees they quote , but we believe in good faith that they accurate.

Our most commonly used Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS tariff) codes are:

  • Wood & cork wine stoppers: 4419.00.8000
  • Cutting boards: 4419.00.8000
  • Cake toppers: 9503.00.0090
  • Engraved glasses and stemware: 7013.28.6000
  • Engraved travertine or granite tile: 6802.93.0060
  • Wood toys: 9503.00.0090
  • Laser engraved hammers: 8205.20.3000
  • Christmas ornaments: 9505.10.1500
  • Wood log candles: 4421.90.9780
  • Wood name badges & save-the-dates: 4421.90.9760
  • Memorial signs 4420.10.0000
  • Wood journals & books: 4421.90.9780
  • Engraved wood plaques: 4420.10.0000
  • Acrylic signs: 3924.40.0090

Privacy Contact Information
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