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*To qualify for Lazerworx Design Studio’s Personalized Wine Stopper Price Matching Guarantee, please ensure the competing site meets all of the criteria below. Then fill out the form at the bottom of this web page.

  • Cap size & composition:

    Wine stoppers must have hardwood tops approximately 1″ – 1.25″ in diameter with a cap at least 0.3″ thick.

  • Shank size & composition:

    Wine stoppers must have natural (not agglomerated or synthetic) shanks ~0.75″ in diameter

Our standard wine stopper is designed to fit most 750mL wine bottles with a 19.5mm neck. Other sizes upon request for orders of 50 or more.

Our wine stoppers are manufactured from high quality hardwood with a light polyurethane coating. The shanks are super white, resulting in a crisp, clean look.

  • Engraving quality:

    Wine stoppers must be laser engraved, and the competitor’s photos must show dark, noticeably deep engraving (not screen printing or light engraving resulting from running their laser too fast)

    biltmore heart

    Pro tip: We use a very shallow focal length lens and slow speeds, ensuring crisp engraving detail on our tiny 1.1″ canvases. If you’re going with a super detailed design with another company, be sure to ask your engraver to send you a sample prior to placing a large order. We can get down to 4 point text retaining extreme clarity, though we don’t recommend it because your guests will have troubles reading it. As far as design detail, this castle is at the edge of our resolution limits. We are working with fire and wood, after all 🙂

    Engraving alignment:

    Competitor marketing photos must include proof that the majority of their work is not off-center.

1b (1)

Because the wood hardness varies between stoppers, some engrave a bit lighter or darker than their neighbors, but we run our laser slow and hot to ensure a deep, rich, high-contrast engraving on every stopper. We also create precision jigs for spot-on alignment.

  • Engraving size:

    Competitor design must extend at least 50% of both the height and distance of the wine stopper


personalized laser engraved wine stoppers

Because we’re only working with a 1.1 inch round canvas, we make our designs as large as we can.

  • Competitor must have verifiable sales, either through a commercial website or a group selling site such as Etsy, Ebay, Amazon. Wine stoppers advertised on Craigslist or social media are not eligible unless the source leads to a verifiable seller. Lazerworx Design Studio LLC reserves the sole right to determine if a competitor has verifiable sales qualifying for  the price match guarantee.
  • Verifiable Price for like quantities:

    We must be able to verify the price by putting the items in an online shopping basket. Lowest price guarantee INCLUDES total purchase price, including taxes and shipping.

    • I.e., if you purchase 10 stoppers for $1 each, but the shipping is $34.95, the total comparison would be based on the total price of $44.95, averaging $4.50 each. That’s still lower than a lot of the prices you’ll find, but definitely not the cheapest online price for personalized wine stoppers. Ahem… that would be us, even after our insanely low blowout sale price of $2.25 each expires.
    • Some sites, us included (usually), give huge discounts for purchasing in bulk. While we believe our $2.25 sale price for 1 or 999 stoppers is still lower than the other guys’ per piece price for 100 or more, we only price match on like quantities.

Lazerworx Design Studio is the best website to buy laser engraved wine stoppers. Period

Do we need to put our money where our mouth is? Did you find a competing website with discount personalized laser engraved wood wine stoppers? Great deal, bargain sleuth! If you prefer our designs and would like us to price match, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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